Two Days, One Night on the Loyalsock Trail

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It’s Saturday 3:30 in the morning when our alarm sounded off. By 4 am we were out the door and on the road. Worlds End State Park, here we come. Although we did have a long four hour drive it was a fast four hours, because who isn’t excited for their first overnight on the Loyalsock Link Trail?

A little bit about Worlds End State Park. The 780-acre park is nearly surrounded by Loyalsock State Forest. Located in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania just south of Forksville, Pennsylvania. The name Worlds End has been the name of this beautiful place since around 1872.

My buddy Joulian a.k.a. Rock Hopper at Ann's Bridge

The Hike

My buddy and I arrived at Worlds End State Park at 8:00 am on the dot. Running on about 3 hours of sleep and excitement to finally hit the trail. Our first overnight of the season. After registering with the rangers office, eating our before hike snack and last minute check of our gear, it was time to hit the trail.

This weekend we stayed overnight on Loyalsock Link Trail. Well sort of. The Loyalsock Link Trail (Red- X 6 Trail) is 25 miles start to finish. Our original goal was to reach Sones Pond. Due to expected weather conditions we weren’t sure how things would work out.

We received the total opposite. It was hot and muggy. My buddy, (lets call him Rock Hopper) and I tackled about 9 grueling miles of both steep ascents and descents. The terrain was intense and very rocky. Finally reaching Sones Pond around 3:30 in the afternoon, we contemplated pushing on to the halfway point, Iron Bridge. Fortunately, we decided to set up camp at Sones Pond. No more then 45 minutes after setting up our Eno Hammocks, the storm came in fast.

Ann's Bridge, Worlds End State Park, Pennsylvania

Morning – Day One

Right off the bat, we started to ascend up the the steep and rocky High Rock Trail to High Rock Run. We reached High Rock Run and just when we thought we reached the top, nope, up the rock stairs we went.

After a mile of climbing we hit our first beautiful overlook. High Rock Vista is at 1400 feet elevation looking down over the Loyalsock Creek. It was a nice spot to stop,have a snack, hydrate and take in the scenery.

We hiked roughly 3 more miles to hit what we thought would be a nice view point. Man, were we wrong. Ken’s Window has a name that when you see on a map brings you life during a long hot day of looking at your feet while hiking so you don’t trip over rocks. That is, until we got there. There was nothing to see, AT ALL. We got the opportunity to look at more trees, haha.

Afternoon – Day One

Time to fill up. We decided to descend down off the trail to a creek to fill up our water bottle using the Sawyer Squeeze Filtration System. Ann’s Bridge, another highlighted point on the map that was nothing special.

Operation : Start This Fire

I’d say the next 2-3 hours was constant rain thunder and lightning. The bull frogs sounded off and you could see the fish attacking the top of the water. When the rain settled we knew we had to get a fire started because the temperature was supposed to drop to what they said “low 60’s” but being there before we knew it got colder.

Have you ever tried to start a fire with freshly wet, well, EVERYTHING? Starting a fire for some can be a daunting task in itself.

We removed all the wet wood from the pit and rolled over downed logs and gathered the dry leave and sticks from underneath our rain flys. I was lighting what we had and grabbed small sticks, they dried pretty fast. Larger sticks can be put on the side to dry, or you can build a teepee around the fire.

Making a smart decision to stay at Sones Pond about 2 miles from the halfway point on the trail was crucial as a severe thunder storm came in quick. I would say about 30 minutes after setting up camp and enjoyed some views we got hit. If you are looking for a super lightweight wind shell and water resistant jacket that you could ball up into a cargo pocket for fast access I recommend the KÜHL® PARAJAX ANORAK.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up our overnight on the Loyalsock Link Trail, it was a difficult yet rewarding hike. There is plenty of beautiful scenery and cool places to stop and refill water and rest to snack. I would recommend Worlds End State Park to anyone looking for a challenging adventure as they offer many different trails from day hikes to overnights to a longer 60 mile trek.

Make sure you have solid footwear as the terrain is very rocky, slick and can be very wet. Oh, and definitely bring extra socks. Your feet are one of the most important things on the trail.


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