Exploring Parvin State Park

New Jersey, whether from here or just visiting is an extremely beautiful place. If you know where to go. Surrounded by nature; 12 National Parks, over 50 State Parks and 44 different beaches that stretch over 140 miles along the Alantic Ocean. See, plenty to do and see in the Garden State! Exploring Parvin State Park should be one of them.

Parvin State Park, in Pittsgrove New Jersey was a beautiful place with a unique history.

Parvin Lake

According to State Parks, Parvin is both a pine forest as well as a swamp hardwoord forest and is the home to over 200 different species of plants. Parvin is also considered a bird watching HOTSPOT!

Parvin State Park served as home for the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1941, a summer camp for the children of displaced Japanese Americans in 1943, a POW camp for German prisoners in 1944 and temporary housing for the Kalmycks who fled their homelands in Eastern Europe in 1952. From the park’s early history, there are still the remains of ancient American Indian encampments, both temporary and permanent.

Crazy huh? Who would of known? Such incredible history right in our backyard. History like this can be found all through the wonderful Garden State.

I believe this is the native Cattail

Parvin State Park also offers 18 cabins that host 4-6 people and over 50 campsites for tents and trailer camping. To put the cherry on on top it even has its own beach, with a lifeguard.


I would highly recommend this place for everyone! It is a short, easy hike with some views you wouldn’t believe. Spring time seems like prime time photography opportunities! Hope to see some of you on my return back.

Fell free to check out the Parvin State Park OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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