Favorite Hikes Segment One

Everyone has their own few favorite hikes that they always enjoy going back to. No matter how many times you adventure out to your favorite places they never disappoint. It is always beautiful and you always notice something new.

Today I want to introduce to you my series of Favorite Hikes in New Jersey. I am going to share some of the history of each park, my admiration and why I recommend them. I will continue to post a different place every week. Today we are focusing on the Delaware Water Gap.

Delaware Water Gap

Around 500 million years ago quartz pebbles from mountains in the area were deposited into a shallow sea the Delaware Water Gap began to form. 450 million years ago when a chain of volcanic islands collided with proto-North America. After, these islands deposited rock on top of the North American plate it formed both the Highlands and Kittatinny Valley.

This beaut of a place has a total of 305 miles of trail to explore with many different activities to indulge in. The park offers many Native American archaeological sites. A number of remaining structures from the early Dutch settlement as well as Historic rural villages from the 18th and 19th centuries arestill intact on the New Jersey side.


N40.97213Β° W75.12592Β° [Dunnfield Lot]Route 80 West to just before the last exit in New Jersey. On the right is a sign for Dunnfield Creek Natural Area.

There is a parking lot on the right, then a large main lot. (parking on the grass area past the main lot is no longer allowed). The road is one way so if you miss it you have to get back onto Rt 80 and come around.


I hight recommend the Delaware Water Gap for hikers both just beginning or advanced. With trails ranging from easy to hard I can assure you some will have you huffing and puffing by the end. The Water Gap is pet friendly, has places to swim and views that will leave a smile on your face! Although some of the trails may be crowded during the summer you can find trails that are not, I have been lucky to avoid huge crowds the many times I have visited.

Pack some snacks and water because you will need it after ascending Mt. Tammany. If you use a filter like the Sawyer Squeeze or other filtration systems you should be fine. There is plenty of rivers and streams you encounter on your adventures. ALWAYS carry water with you though!

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